The Arts


    Q.  What can I do with a major in the arts if I don't get full-time work as a performer /artist ?

    A.  Creative Thinkers Are In High Demand

    "You will work all of your life, it should be doing something you enjoy," was what I said to both of my children when they told me they wanted to be artists. Some of my husband's friends said, "they'll never be able to make a living and will be sitting on your couch forever!" They followed and are living their dreams successfully.

    Creatives think differently and have a unique perspective on situations. Any position that requires a "fresh look at problems" and "thinking out of the box" would be delighted to employ an artist. I like to remind my students that life happens whether you have a plan or not and that every situation is a learning experience. The work you do, whether in your artistic zone or not, adds to what you bring to your performances in the future.

    So why not use your unique perspective to create options for yourself that allow you use your creative thinking to earn a living that brings meaning to your life and serves others.


    Q.  Where should I start my college search if I want to major in the arts?

    A. Do What You Are...

    Since there are so many options for arts education, starting by understanding how you learn best, is the best approach to exploring your options. 

    Wether you are looking from a Studio Art perspective or a Performing Artist viewpoint, starting early on in high school to explore the types of educational options that are available to you.  Prepare to explore your options by accessing some of the terrific search engines that are available on the web, leaving your search very broad at this point.   Include all types of programs and study in your search.Take the results of your list and begin by accessing each schools own website to discover what approach they use to deliver their curriculum.  Take a virtual visit either through their website or on youtube.

    Then ask yourself some questions:

    1.  Does the curriculum excite and interest me?

    2.  What approach do they use for "hands-on" learning?

    3.  What are they looking for in a portfolio or audition?

    4.  What are their timetables for audition and portfolio submission?

    5.  Now plan to visit those colleges that seem a "best-fit" for you.

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    Q.  What are the strongest ballet departments?

    A.  First Things, FIRST! What are you looking for-- Conservatory, BFA, or BA?

    Pick up: Peterson's college guide for Performing Arts Majors
    Sort through whether you will want a professional ballet career, or an educational foundation that includes some of the finest dance experiences in the world to build on and create broader options for yourself.

    Explore Your Options at the Finest "Schools for Dance" around the World and close to home:
    The Joffrey-Chicago, Pacific Northwest Ballet, San Francisco Ballet School, University of Hartford/Hartt School, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, University of the Arts,Indiana University, Butler University, Boston Conservatory, Towson University, Point Park University, Florida State University, Southern Methodist University, Juilliard, The Paris Opera Ballet School, The Marrinsky Ballet school ( formally known as the Kirov ballet school) Saint Petersburg Russia, The Royal Ballet school in Covent Garden, London, England,The JKO School (American Ballet Theater's school) NYC, CPYB | Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet,SAB School of American Ballet.